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Because Im a Hindu too

MUST READ : A 8 year old girl was kidnapped and gang raped several times before being killed. She was kept alive for a week when she got brutally raped several times in a temple and nearby place before being disposed of by getting her head crushed. The alleged rapists are a temple keeper, his underage son, their cousins and some friends including one college student who especially came from another city just to fulfill his lust. The charge sheet says the girl was duped, kidnapped, raped and sedated using drug often used for seizures. She was later strangled using a shawl to make sure she was dead after having her head crushed with stone. The girl’s post-mortem has indicated damage to private parts as well as injuries to her uterus due to the sexual assault. The most shocking of all this is that local police not only help the perpetrators but participated in the heinous horrific crime.
Why was this done ?
The accused stated they have done this to incite fear against a minority Muslim community so that their Hinduism is safe. They chanted Lord Rama’s name and waved the tricolor Indian Flag. The “general impression” among the Hindu community in the tehsil was that “Bakarwals indulge in cow slaughter” and “drug trafficking” which was “turning their children into drug addicts” reports Times of India.
The sinister ways in which barbarity was unleashed on the eight-year-old is against humanity set aside religion and dharma. Hindu’s dont believe in this, Hindus dont propagate this. Recently in India, cow eaters particularly Muslims are being punished for their choice of food.
Im also a Hindu and my view of Hinduism is different. The Hinduism that I know of and follow is strong, inclusive and tolerant. Lord Rama taught some very wise and moral duties. I dont think Lord Rama will ever forgive these perpetrators. Scriptures forbid cow killing but resolves on it by using intelligence, punishment at the hands of karma.
Rape is a heinous, horrific and ghastly crime against humanity. Animals dont even do that. And to make it worse, if its with a minor. And for India, it is done on the premise of safe guarding Hindu Dharma.
For Fiji
I thought to share this piece because I see this relevancy of this in Fiji. Recently we have seen religious intolerance on temples. Hindus are forgiving and compassionate people. We have also seen that Muslims in Fiji have been subjected to name calling and hatred. Our intolerance is not as big as India but it is rising and we all know that in the last 10 years Fiji’s politics has played a major role for Muslims to be hated in Fiji. That is the truth.
Also the rise of Hindu advocates in Fiji is slowly causing divisions and disharmony within the Hindu groups. Political leaders are now standing on the podium and making political speeches during religious gathering and destroying the sanctity of the religious order.
We must show the world that despite a small number of Hindus live in Fiji we are compassionate, loving and peaceful people. Our religious practices are based on authentic scriptures and following orders of bonafide religious leaders, scholars and gurus..
There is a marked difference between sentiment and religion. We can not execute devotional life by the principles of ones sentiment alone. Be aware of those who call them Hindus but live a life of contradictions. No matter how much charity we do, it doesn’t make us pure if our heart is not pure. No matter how proud Hindu we are but if we are unable to show compassion, tolerance, humility and magnanimity to other living beings we are far from who a Hindu is.
There are several stories regarding this in Hindu scriptures such as Lord Vishnu uses Garuda as His carrier who is a snake eater, Lord Rama who eats from the plate of mother Shabri who came from a family of pig hunters, Mother Kali who accepts devotees who are meat eaters, Lord Krishna who offered the position of mother to Putana who was a voracious demon disguised as a beautiful women sent by Kamsa to kill Him, Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu granting Chaand Kazi ( a muslim) eternal love of Godhead after discussing cow killings and chanting of lord names.
Hinduism is so vast that it can take entire mankind. If we are unable to digest the presence of non hindus within our society it is because of our weak faith in Lord Rama to provide us protection. We fear that we may end up being converted. Conversion takes places only amongst those that are weak at heart and have a divided faith. Anyone with an unflinching faith will never leave the dust of Lord Rama’s feet. In the worst of atrocities the devotees seek only one refuge. Any Hindu who stands up with a sword to fight Muslims or others in the name of dharma must read the story of Srila Haridasa Thakura. He went through severe pain, intimidation, punishment and ill treatment at the hands of a Muslim emperor. He had his unflinching faith intact. They tried to kill him at last but in the end he became glorious and by the mercy of Lord Sri Hari he survived all. How can then devotees of Lord Rama be converted? Even in the scriptures Bhakta Prahald proved the same point.
We dont want Hindus in Fiji to become rebellious and intolerant on things we can resolve using our intelligence and powers of the holy names. Things may not get as bad as in India however we must guard against any uproar and agility to other races and religion by saying we are superior over them. In God eyes, everyone is equal. He created everyone equal. It is because of sheer ignorance that some are unable to see the absolute truth while others are making an effort to find the supreme absolute truth. We must rather help them and not disturb them to realize what is the absolute truth. That is what Hinduism is about. That is what our Yogis and sadhus in India have been doing for ages – journey of self realization and search for the absolute truth.
I write this because Im a Hindu too.

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