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Start Small, End Big in Climate War

Start Small, End Big in Climate War
While the global leaders, civil society groups and the private sector are unequivocally engaged in climate change negotiations due to anthropogenic escalation of climate changes disasters in waiting and perturbing the basic question of human survivability in a very short future, it is the young generation, the dynamic and vibrant youths that can make a significant advancement to the way things are done. It is not the business as usual scenario.

We must act; we have to rise above the standards of charming discourses and fallacies of people known for having little compulsion to putting actions to their words. The coveted behavior on platforms served to unite and fight this daunting problem is by beginning at the backyard.  The failure in executing pragmatic actions and formidable policies is a reflection of coining hype for self-serving interest. To me, any one on the platform, no matter how incredible speeches they make, if digresses from the position with continuance discord towards environment at home is adrift. Such obnoxious individuals are not cognizance of their actions because the speeches they bluff are made in frenzy waves to garner limelight without any empathy for the environment, the world we live, the place we call our home.

In such atrocity, I am compelled to believe that whilst climate change negotiations may continue to be a ray of hope for global solutions and subsequently sensitising our efforts at domestic levels for prudent and plausible solutions, it is the youths which must come out of the superfluous duality and become the actual trend changers. Habit doesn’t change; it is like an aging wine which gets stronger as each day passes. To change the mindset, the attitude and ultimately habit is difficult on the generation that is passing. It is much easier for the young to accomplish that.

So, we should with all fervour accept the reality provided by scientific backing about the calamities in making for a future we are looking up to. Indeed, we can’t change the past; our lobbying to the world may change some but not all. Our prowess lies in the ability to make the change in the period we are living in now. It is ostensibly easier and we must unite to prove that younger generation has the will and drive to do it.

However, we will be far from different of those we believe took no remorse to find climate solutions in the midst of their overzealous contradictions while finding solutions. Believe in action and not divulge yourself in too much sesquipedalian.  We can change the face of the earth that will smile upon us with the same depth of magnanimity as God had initially planned. If we continue to be rebellious, nature won’t spare us, never and forever.

So let’s free ourselves from expectations on what others will do for us, instead let’s begin by making small changes to our habit. If we can’t observe basic care for our earth, let’s not go out there and talk big. You are not a climate warrior if your life is propelled by huge carbon footprints and you are disrespectful to your environment. If you are a litter bug or become part of the unsustainable practices in resource extraction from the wild, it is putting you in the same basket of rotten eggs.

So let’s start small, begin at home then become realized souls to walk the world on path of climate change philosophy.  

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