Project RESET



Project Re-set is an idea conceptualized by Rahul. It is to provide support, advice, and guidance on sustainable development, explore and implement long-term solutions to environmental problems, and work with communities to build resilience to climate change, food security, and improve social justice. A healthy environment where people live in harmony with nature and Mother Earth is fundamental to human well-being. It underpins our very survival: we depend on it for food, medicine, energy, clean air and water, security from natural disasters, as well as recreation, and cultural inspiration. That is to say; it supports all systems of life on earth. 

Thus the Project is called “RE-SET,” – meaning re-setting our activities and re-setting Nature’s balance. 


Act now to conserve, restore, sustainably use, and fund to halt and reverse adverse impacts of biodiversity loss and climate change to put nature on the path to recovery for the benefit of the planet and people.


The objective of the Project is to 

(1) support communities in developing and implementing environmentally friendly initiatives that promote sustainable development and minimize or mitigate harmful impacts caused by anthropogenic activities. 

(2) to help develop model communities on green infrastructure. 

(3) improve livelihood and create food security  

(4) raise public awareness and improve capacity on environmental and social issues. 

The main components of Project Reset are : 

(i) advocacy, (ii) meaningful local-level actions, and (iii) and capacity building.  



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