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Guam is a surprise hit Holiday

It is roughly 2 hours flight from Koror International Airport in Palau to Won Pat International Airport in Guam. Yes, you hear me right its Guam – a country that is little known but boasts an impressive tourist market besides United States Military Base as revenue generators. Guam has a history through some of the world’s uggliest days during the world war era. The beautiful island has gone through Spanish-American War, the World War , Veitnam War and the Pearl harbour when the Japaneese attacked the US Military base in Hawaii. As we entered the country’s airport, everything looked American to us. I wasnt sure if it was part of America as an independent State or just a terriotry and whether US Presidental elections were also being conducted in Guam or  just have a representatives in the in  the House with no vote in the electroal college.  My quest for more about Guam was later settled through online reading. Anyways, the beauty that was exposed to us, my colleague and myself, as we cruised through the airport in a taxi to the hotel was a mersmerising one. It was my aderalin rush for checking out some of the best shopping centres such as KMart, Macy’s, Ross etc.  The clouds dropped as blinds on the face of the smiling Sun greeting a new day and it felt warm but dull and gloomy. We drove  through the main centre and then climbing up the the hilly slope to our hotel that set like a crown for a treat of an amazing aerial view of paradise. I  smelled freshly brewed coffee beans and baked pastries along the way catalysing cravings for breakfast graze. Since I was there  in wee hours of Sturday morning, the hotel didnt have my room ready upon arrival and requested if I could chcekin after lunch hour or pay additional room charges. There was no way I was going to pay anything extra especially when I saw those shops where I would love to drop in and browse some shoppng deals. I kindly agreed to come later. I had no reason to argue and was satisfied with the explanation of this friendly staff at the front desk. She was kind and considerate to store our luggage as we strolled out to take an excursion of the beautiful Guam.  There were mainly asian tourists from Korea, Japan, Taiwan but visibly other westerners too. Most hotels and resorts are high rise buildings with impressive american architecture decorated by tropical landscaping and gardens. As the day passed, temperature picked up and the sun no longer had the cloud cover, the  streets became busier with traffic, people especially tourists filled shopping centres and malls. With my tiny legs carrying my over weight of shopping and heavy body, I was pretty much tired by lunch. I came back to hotel past lunch to check in my room, took a quick cold shower, gathered some rest then changed and fled to the Micronesian Mall to buy some stuff I wanted to take home. I needed to eat before doing anything else, so I walked off  to the food court that had a huge varitey of selection of dishes from international cuisines. To my happiness there was a vegetarian restaurant from where I grabbed a tantalizing treat to my taste buds comprising rice, eggplants, green leafy veggies ( either bele or kale) and home made spring rolls with cabbage fillings and tofu.  After lunch I was tired but could not resist to go back and have a look around in the Ross Shop, my all time favourite for  great bargains and deals. After getting both my hands full with carry bags but still with the urge to shop more, I forced my shelf out of the famous Micronesian Mall. This Mall probably may be the biggest one in Guam with brand name shops, huge eating  space and many indoor activities for Kids. Finally I caught my shuttle, the big bula bus version of Denarau island in Fiji to be back in my nest for a good rest. Tomorrow Im flying to Marshall Islands where we have some planned meetings, workshops and discssions with their government offcials on Nagoya Protocol. Todays outing and rest was well deserved after a hectic week in Palau. 

 20180210_064600_001.jpg  20180210_063638





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