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Category: Travel Updates

Guam is a surprise hit Holiday

It is roughly 2 hours flight from Koror International Airport in Palau to Won Pat International Airport in Guam. Yes, you hear me right its Guam – a country that […]

Trip to the Rock Islands

It was the last day of the series of the meetings we had in Palau. On the invitation of¬† Dr. Yimnang Golbuu, CEO of the Palau International Coral Reef Centre […]

Arriving in Palau

It was after 2am when I finally reached my hotel at the Palau International Coral Reef Center not very far from the airport. There wasn’t much to see around in […]

Seoul is Soul

5/02/2018 : I arrived at the Inceheon Airport just a while ago, I have been here before but today it turns out to be extra ordinarily nice and beautiful. This […]

Travel Diary

Today was the second session of my training at the MaiGym. My colleague Juney introduced me to the class being conducted during lunch hour and it was fun. Having resumed […]