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Miss Pacific Islands Pageant

I wish to show my disappointment and embarrassment in the manner in which Fiji hosted the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant. It was a shame looking at the stage that was put up by the organizers for an international event of such stature. The previous hosts Tahiti, Cook Islands and Samoa had put an extravagant international standard stages and decorations to live up to the expectations of the event and its mood. I also echo the sentiments shared by one local Pageant organizer, Andy Blake who shared pictures on his Facebook comparatively showing previous hosts and what Fiji had offered. The coverage in the TV wasn’t either in anyway sensational to live up to its brand name. Fiji has in the past shown its vibrancy and artistic capability to host international events however the Pacific Pageant was below expectation. Furthermore, there was no media buzz, festivity or any form of excitement for the event leading up to the actual dates of the event. This was an event not just for Fiji viewers but for all Pacific Islands and we failed to live up to the expectations of it very badly. As a Fijian, I’m sure we have capable people, we have the talents and we can pull resources to demonstrate to the world we can do a million times better. Sadly this event was embarrassment to the profuse display of our inability to live up to the expectations of hundreds of thousands of spectators across the region.  

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