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Parliament debates

Saturday, August 1, 2015
Fiji Times

We have an excellent parliament where our elected representatives are able to debate on issues of national importance before making laws. Although the Opposition from time to time keeps a check of things for Government’s accountability and transparency it still does not guarantee a complete voice for the people. In this era of information technology with a good infrastructure of internet services in Fiji, the office of the Secretary General to Parliament should use social media to create an online tool where the public can also debate and raise their input on the Bills being debated in Parliament. I believe this way we could trace public sentiment, voice of the people and reflect a true democracy by open, transparent and more inclusive governance. A web portal or platform where the public can post comments and questions to members of Parliament and where the leaders can respond to these comments and thus contribute to the healthy debates. In this way the Government will also be able to judge public sentiment towards the Bills they introduce in Parliament and how best they can manoeuvre it forward. Although this new age technology has a solution, it obviously needs to have a complete unbiased and honest moderation with guiding principles and rules for the users.

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