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Marijuana eradication

Saturday, July 16, 2016
Fiji Times

The recent efforts by the Fiji Police Force in eradicating marijuana plantations in the highlands is laudable. They have gone a step further to pull down houses being built from the proceeds of selling this illicit drug which shows their commitment and seriousness in dealing with crimes related to marijuana. I have a small suggestion for the response team to also draw some attention on the streets of Suva from where this drug is pushed. There are many places in Suva from where this drug is being sold and it is unfortunate that there are no major actions taken to stop this. The streets have become terror-zone for women and children to walk. The neighbours have to be on high alert the entire evening and in the middle of the night for notorious behaviour as well as for any unfortunate burglary by the drug users. There are many things the police can do, however, their notable silence on these is questionable. No matter how much resources are used to curb marijuana farms in the highlands, as long as the demand is alive on the street, the drug pushers will find some place somewhere to re offend. Why are unemployed youths in groups of 20 to 30 or sometimes even more allowed to sit in front of liquor shops and drink and create nuisance for the nearby communities. They sit whole day doing nothing, but looking at people who use the road. If you drive on these streets at a speed of 20 km, it is obvious that you will see sign languages used to communicate that they are offering something. I’m pretty sure everyone would know what’s on offer? I’m appalled that despite the rise in crime in some areas in Suva, the police still doesn’t seem fit to question or arrest if necessary, those who sit whole day along roadsides and do nothing. I understand it is not a crime to sit in a public place, more so an officer once told me that it is not even an offense to drink at a public place including in front of liquor shops, but then how will this be addressed?

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