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Thank you minister

Rahul A. Chand, Suva
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I WISH to thank the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment Parveen Kumar for showing care and concern for the victims of the fire in Suva where their houses were burnt leaving 30 people homeless. The minister not only provided them with basic necessities but organised their accommodation and personally gave them much needed cash for any of their immediate needs.

I have also read that Rosy Akbar has reached out to the families with her support and assistance with her permanent secretary. It is very kind and considerate of our ministers to respond to the needs of our people in their personal capacity while other processes of relief and assistance are still being activated. During such events families are deeply affected not only by the loss of their personal belonging but more importantly the trauma and memory of devastation that may take years to recover from. I believe with such ministers in government who walk the talk, come on the streets to lend their hand of support and assistance in times of need for our people, we should appreciate and acknowledge all their efforts in making Fiji a better place to live in. I believe these are just a few examples of the good qualities we have in our leaders who should be supported and given the opportunity to further contribute to our nation.

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