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Whats in the Name?

Today was the second session of my training at the MaiGym. My colleague Juney introduced me to the class being conducted during lunch hour and it was fun. Having resumed training after lapse of 5 months it was not going to be easy and I knew it pretty well. The first session on Tuesday was a tough one and after feel of the training especially on the muscles was definitely not a pleasant one for me. After an excellent 45 minutes of workout we went to a Vegan Restaurant on our way back to grab something to eat. I was pleasantly surprised to see a 100 % vegan restaurant in Samoa and could not resist buying something for myself. I did not carry any cash or card so Juney was kind to buy me a drink, lemon lime Twist and a Black bean Burger, one of her own favourites. The drink was nice but I must say the burger was divine, very heavenly feel. The taste was superb with blends of flavour and zest. I would be wrong if I say this wasn’t the best vegan burger I have ever eaten. I have been to many vegan outlets in States, Mexico, Kenya, Australia and Fiji however nothing beats the taste of this special delight I got. The vegan restaurant called the Krush caters for many of other vegetarian needs from pastries, American fast-food, healthy smoothies, salads, stir fry’s and a lot more. My day was probably one of the best so far because if you can eat without restriction and you can eat without asking thousand questions about the ingredients then it’s not just eating but feasting.

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